PARS Names Teri Ross as Sales & Client Relations VP; Terry Langness Retires

PARS just announced the hiring of Teri Ross as Vice President of Sales & Client Relations, reporting to PARS President Lori Rasmussen, President and Chief Operating Officer. Ross replaces Terry Langness, who announced his retirement effective January 31, 2018.

Ross, an accomplished fleet industry professional, has over 20 years of experience in business development, strategic planning, sales and marketing, contract negotiations and project management within the fleet industry.

According to Rasmussen, Ms. Ross will be responsible for developing strategic sales plans based on company goals as well as strengthening existing customer relationships.
“In her career, Teri has shown an extraordinary ability to build successful teams that consistently achieve company goals and deliver impeccable service in several different fleet service company settings.

“Her unique fleet-specific skill set includes fleet service operations, account management, project management, and consultative services,” noted Rasmussen. “Finally, she brings an established record of advocacy on behalf of her clients that aligns with PARS’ high-touch customer service commitment.”

Ross joins PARS after 10 years with a leading fleet management company, where she served as vice president of client services. Prior to that, she directed marketing and sales for a vehicle transport company. She is an active member of NAFA, AFLA and AALA.

Langness Looks Back
Ross replaces Terry Langness, a 40-plus-year fleet industry influential who began his career in various leadership positions with Gelco Corporation and GE Capital Fleet Services.

Rasmussen notes that Langness was a key contributor to PARS’ growth since he joined the transport logistics leader in 2002: “In the early years, simple point-to-point transport projects were the norm. However, as fleet demands became more complex, we invested in advanced technology and began to offer additional services, such as repairs, storage, license and titling, and more.

Terry led his team through this transition by introducing a more consultative sales effort and working directly with the end customers.”

Terry Langness has been involved with AFLA for many years, serving on its Board as Director-at-Large, Education Committee chair, the golf chair and member of the Sponsorship and Membership committees. He won the AFLA President’s Award in both 2010 and 2011. He has also been active in NAFA on both the national and chapter levels.

Looking back on his career, Terry Langness said, “It is hard to believe that I have been blessed to be in this industry for almost 43 years. I have truly enjoyed the friendships, associations and competition. This is an industry of professionals, and I will miss the networking opportunities at AFLA, NAFA and AALA. But, it is time to spend more time with my family and with my grandchildren, as they are growing up so fast.

“PARS is a great company and will continue to lead the industry in both service & technology. It has been fun to be a small part of the success that we have seen over the past 15 years. The company is great and the people are the greatest!” he added.teri Ross 4x5 96

PARS Explains Driveaway Vs. Transport/Auto Carrier Fleet Vehicle Moves

PARS driver delivery of transported fleet vehicle

PARS driver delivery of transported fleet vehicle

PARS offers two methods of moving vehicles — driveaway and transport/auto carrier, and there are advantages and disadvantages for both.

The primary advantage to driveaway is the ability to have additional services performed on the vehicle while in route. PARS offers detailing, inspections, department of motor vehicle transactions, repair and maintenance.

Our dedicated Customer Support specialists will direct our drivers to perform the services required, based on the customer’s specific parameters. Our professional drivers then have the necessary services performed and keep the pickup and delivery parties informed on the delivery status in real time using our new mobile app. Our customer portal reflects the specific status of each move and keeps our customers informed.

Another major advantage is our ability to control the pickup and delivery times to make sure that we are working to meet the needs of the recipient driver’s schedule. Any delays (weather, road constructions, etc.) are communicated to the customer to make the pickup and delivery as seamless as possible. PARS’ vast network of drivers and field offices ensures that the vehicles are picked up and delivered on time, every time.

The disadvantage of driveaway are the additional miles put on the vehicle. For long distances, it ,may be more cost competitive to transport; however, PARS logistics specialists can proffer an expert recommendations.

The primary advantage of transport is that no miles are put on the vehicle. It can also be less costly, depending on the distance of the move. However, if the vehicle requires any type of additional service, transport is not an alternative. The vehicle will arrive in the same condition as when it was picked up. It is also much more difficult to control the timing of the move when it is transported/trucked. In most instances, the delivery is inexorably tied to the trucker’s and schedule.

Feel free to call PARS fleet vehicle transport experts anytime to plan and implement your next project.

Terry Langness
Vice President, National Sales
Mobile: (612) 670-8256

New PARS Driver Mobile App Delivers Real-time Customer Order and Vehicle Condition Data

Gainesville VA, September 19, 2016 – PARS, the leader in fleet vehicle transport and logistics, has added a mobile app for its drivers giving PARS customers access to real-time order information and detailed vehicle condition reports through the PARS customer portal.
According to Erik Rasmussen, PARS Director of Strategic Operations, today’s fleet managers face much shorter decision time frames and more complicated moves involving large numbers of vehicles, coordination between multiple fleet service providers; varied vehicle services, and numerous logistical concerns.
“Our mobile app will not only provide important order details and tools optimizing PARS driver efficiency and accuracy,” notes Rasmussen, “but it provides customers with the most accurate and timely information about their orders and vehicle condition, allowing better decision making and optimized fleet management.”

Key mobile app customer benefits include:
• Real-time updates to orders available through the PARS customer portal regarding pickup and delivery
• Detailed electronic condition reports – emailed to the pickup and delivery party and available on the PARS customer portal – providing photos, documenting damages, confirming glovebox contents, ensuring accessory operations, and capturing pickup and delivery signatures
• Confirmation of services completion
Operational Efficiencies
The new mobile app, optimized for both iOS and Android smartphones, keeps our drivers in constant contact with our field offices.
The new PARS mobile app also provides a number of operational enhancements, including:
• Visibility into available orders to logistically optimize vehicle movement and avoid “deadhead” miles
• Assigned order details and management, including phone calls to pick up and delivery, services execution, and condition reporting
• Completion of pickup and delivery condition reports, including standard photos, damage photos, and customer sign off
• Access to PARS partnerships and discount codes for hotels and transportation
• Accident reporting including critical information and photos

“This new mobile app represents a key part of our continued technology leadership strategy,” adds Rasmussen. “It is the latest example of integrating our industry-leading order management system built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Technology has been and remains a key differentiator for PARS, ensuring that we continue to make our fleet customers’ jobs easier in a very demanding industry.”

Highlights from 2016 AFLA Conference!

This year’s AFLA conference got off to an impressive start when PARS president Lori Rasmussen introduced the WIFM keynote speaker, Susan Lund. Susan spoke on the topic, Ignite Your Selling Potential, based on her best-selling book, Ignite Your Selling Potential: 7 Simple Accelerators to Drive Revenue and Results Fast. PARS sponsored the presentation along with LeasePlan.

PARS president Lori Rasmussen at 2016 WIFM meeting.

PARS president Lori Rasmussen at 2016 WIFM meeting.

PARS’ new driver mobile app made headlines in the AFLA-distributed edition of Fleet Management Weekly. You can read all about the benefits for PARS customers in the next post.

PARS' new driver mobile app made headlines in the AFLA edition of Fleet Management Weekly!

PARS’ new driver mobile app made headlines in the AFLA edition of Fleet Management Weekly!

PARS press contact also included Fleet Management Weekly’s Janice Sutton interview of Erik Rasmussen, director of strategic operations, who reviewed technology trends in the fleet industry as well as PARS’ new mobile driver app.

Erik Rasmussen is interviewed by Fleet Management Weekly's Janice Sutton at AFLA.

Erik Rasmussen is interviewed by Fleet Management Weekly’s Janice Sutton at AFLA.

Coming to Your Town, A PARS Driver!

What do the ice cream capital of the world, the birthplace of the Ferris wheel, and the home of the world’s longest boardwalk all have in common?

These are all places PARS drivers have been as part of a vehicle relocation!

Each year PARS drivers log millions of miles relocating customers’ vehicles. There aren’t too many cities or towns in the United States that PARS drivers haven’t experienced as part of a vehicle pickup or delivery. Naturally, visiting so many different places leads to some interesting stories and obscure factoids from our drivers.

Did you know that Myrtle Beach, SC, is considered mini golf capital of the world? Or “The Outsiders” was filmed in Owasso, OK? Or Norfolk, VA, boasts the USS Wisconsin? Or Bennington, VT, has a 306-foot obelisk commemorating the Battle of Bennington? These are places our drivers have experienced and enthusiastically described to their colleagues and families.

“We have a number of drivers who will tell me stories about the places they go, the history, the people, and the architecture. I enjoy listening to their stories and learning new trivia about American cities,” remarked our Kansas City employee, Kim Boese.

Sometimes, a pickup or delivery location will be off the beaten path, making logistical planning difficult. Scott Krug, manager in our Chicago office, recalled, “We have had delivery destinations where no public transportation options, such as a taxi or bus, existed. We then must get creative to ensure our drivers have a ride following the delivery. I remember delivering to a small town in the Midwest where we had to call the local chamber of commerce to find out that there was a shuttle van that ran once a day to the nearest major city.”

So, if you’re wondering if PARS has been to your town, chances are we have. And, if we haven’t been there, we will. Who knows, maybe our driver will even share stories about your town and what makes it so special!

(Below: photo of obelisk in Bennington, VT)

PARS Introduces Open Safety Recall Check to Ensure Road-Ready Vehicles

PARS, the leader in fleet vehicle transport and logistics, announced a new Open Safety Recall Check service. The new complimentary feature, based on a real-time feed of open safety recall data from NHTSA’s database, protects drivers and clients from potential safety and liability issues resulting from recalls.

According to PARS president Lori Rasmussen, PARS will initiate a check for open safety recalls after the submission of each order: “If any open safety recalls are found, you receive immediate notice, and the order is placed on “Hold” until we obtain the client’s guidance.” PARS fleet clients can have the company attempt to address a recall prior to delivery if the remedy and parts are available. Other alternatives include having PARS store the vehicle until a remedy and parts become available, or authorizing delivery of the vehicle as is.

Rasmussen added, “This new Open Safety Recall Check service demonstrates our company’s continuing investment in vehicle transport and logistics technology as well as our continuing commitment to delivering the industry’s highest level of customer service.

“We are excited to bring an industry first to our customers and hope it will provide additional peace of mind when it comes to vehicle safety.”

PARS alerts customers about open safety recalls

PARS alerts customers about open safety recalls

PARS Employees Show Support for World Autism Awareness Day

On the evening of April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day, thousands of landmarks, businesses, houses of worship, and communities in more than 147 countries marked the seventh annual “Light It Up Blue” campaign to raise global awareness of autism spectrum disorder.
The employees of PARS marked this very special event on Friday, April 1st, by dressing in blue to show their support. . Autism currently affects 1 in 68 children in the United States, according to newly released statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The “Light It Up Blue” campaign marked the start of Autism Awareness Month in April. This year, more than 11,000 buildings are joining the campaign in a show of support for the 70 million people around the world who are affected by the disorder. World Autism Awareness Day was adopted by the United Nations in 2007 to focus on autism as a global health issue and to support, empower and enhance the well-being of people on the autism spectrum and their families. The goal is to increase knowledge about autism spectrum disorder and the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention.

PARS Light it up Blue 04-01-2016

Mentoring Women in Fleet

A Conversation with PARS’ Lori Rasmussen
By Janice Sutton, Fleet Management Weekly

We recently met with Lori Rasmussen, president of PARS and chairperson of Women in Fleet, to talk about the Women in Fleet group that she and other fleet professional women created several years ago.

Lori says, ‘The purpose of Women in Fleet is not to separate women; women have worked so hard in this industry for equality with men, but to create a group where we can support other women, new women in the industry, and pair them with veteran women in the industry. It is a resource to help someone if she needs help with something or just needs coaching.”

Lori, let’s talk about Women in Fleet, giving us some background on the group.

Women in Fleet was created a couple of years ago by a group of women with the purpose of creating a network and environment where women can go and utilize the resources of the women in the group.

The group came to AFLA when I was the AFLA president and said, “We have this idea. Is AFLA willing to help us?” I thought it was a wonderful idea so I came on board with the group.

Over the past couple of years we have developed speakers at both NAFA Fleet Management Association and AFLA conferences with content that we think would enrich women. In addition, we have been working on webinars on fleet related topics, but also personal topics, topics that may help somebody in their professional career, as well as their personal career.

The purpose of Women in Fleet is not to separate women; women have worked so hard in this industry for equality with men, but to create a group where we can support other women, new women in the industry, and pair them with veteran women in the industry. It is a resource to help someone if she needs help with something or just needs coaching.

When I first joined the fleet industry, a veteran fleet manager took me under her wing, mentored me, and helped me get really comfortable within this industry. That is one of the reasons why I am involved in Women in Fleet. I feel it is my duty to pay it forward, to be there for other women in the industry, as well as to help them if they have questions or if they are unsure of something and to just be a mentor and be there for them if I can be.

How can a woman get involved with Women in Fleet?

Women in Fleet is always looking for volunteers; the success of the organization is getting women involved. Anyone who is interested in getting involved can go to the AFLA Board or can contact me or any of the other women on the committee. Our website is

What would a volunteer’s role be?

One of the important things that the Women in Fleet group is trying to do is create a mentorship program to pair women with new women into the industry.

In addition, we sponsor many educational sessions. At the recent AFLA Conference we had Ann Fandozzi speaking on her experience as a woman in the automotive industry. We also hold webinars and last year did a book club. We read ‘Lean In’ and talked about the book, how it related to our own lives and how we could take some of the things that she mentioned in the book and implement them.

What is your role with Women in Fleet?

I am the Chairperson and I am working with Carolyn Edwards, Strategic Account Sales Vice President at LeasePlan USA, and another group of wonderful women. What we do is we try to look for volunteers to become a part of the group in addition to planning the education sessions. We meet once a month and we look at certain topics that we feel would be a benefit to the women in the group, both from a professional or personal standpoint, or current topics that are currently affecting the fleet industry.

Lori Rasmussen, President of PARS

Lori Rasmussen, President of PARS

WIFM: Only The Beginning

Recently, Lori Rasmussen spoke to Fleet Management Weekly about the beginnings of Women in Fleet Management (WIFM) group:
“WIFM was created a few years ago by a group of women involved in the fleet industry with the purpose of serving as a resource for personal and career fulfillment through mentoring, fleet expertise sharing, fleet and business community involvement, and networking.”

The founders approached the Automotive Fleet Leasing Association board when Lori was president for support in launching the group. Not only did AFLA support the new association, but Lori became a WIFM member herself. And, she sees a bright future as the organization takes its first steps.

“WIFM has already been active in securing speakers for both NAFA and AFLA conferences. Our focus is on topics that enrich women in their professional and personal lives. In addition, we are working on webinars to reach even more women,” noted Lori.

Remembering that a veteran fleet manager took Lori under her wing, mentored her, and helped her become part of the industry when she first started, the now-president of PARS expressed her desire to pay it forward: “I feel that it is my duty to be there for other women in the industry, to help them if they have questions, and to reassure and share my experience.”