PARS President Lori Rasmussen Presents at NAFA I&E

Lori Rasmussen, President of PARS

Lori Rasmussen, President of PARS

PARS President Lori Rasmussen will present at the upcoming NAFA I&E Conference in Orlando on Wednesday, April 15th from    1:15 pm – 2:45 pm.  The topic is “Getting the Most From Your Vehicle Relocation Dollars” and features panelists from the industry as well as two leading fleet managers, Theresa Belding of Actavis Pharmaceuticals and Sheryl Grossman of GE Healthcare.

The course will address the changes in fleet vehicle transport industry over the years.  Simple point-to-point vehicle relocation service is a thing of the past as customer requirements and expectations continue to transform fleet transportation companies into multi-faceted fleet service providers.

Aside from the inherent processes, and adding to the challenge, is the role that fleet management companies play as they also strive to deliver turn-key value.  A panel will discuss the scope and level of services offered for a better understanding of the real cost of deliveries and to help fleet managers maximize the value received from their investment in vehicle relocation.

Ms. Rasmussen will focus on the use of technology that allows fleet managers to have better real-time information that they can act on when savings hang in the balance. Newer technology is improving the accuracy of all aspects of vehicle handling, status and delivery. Ultimately, the introduction of new technology is driving efficiency every step of the way – from order to delivery.