Coming to Your Town, A PARS Driver!

What do the ice cream capital of the world, the birthplace of the Ferris wheel, and the home of the world’s longest boardwalk all have in common?

These are all places PARS drivers have been as part of a vehicle relocation!

Each year PARS drivers log millions of miles relocating customers’ vehicles. There aren’t too many cities or towns in the United States that PARS drivers haven’t experienced as part of a vehicle pickup or delivery. Naturally, visiting so many different places leads to some interesting stories and obscure factoids from our drivers.

Did you know that Myrtle Beach, SC, is considered mini golf capital of the world? Or “The Outsiders” was filmed in Owasso, OK? Or Norfolk, VA, boasts the USS Wisconsin? Or Bennington, VT, has a 306-foot obelisk commemorating the Battle of Bennington? These are places our drivers have experienced and enthusiastically described to their colleagues and families.

“We have a number of drivers who will tell me stories about the places they go, the history, the people, and the architecture. I enjoy listening to their stories and learning new trivia about American cities,” remarked our Kansas City employee, Kim Boese.

Sometimes, a pickup or delivery location will be off the beaten path, making logistical planning difficult. Scott Krug, manager in our Chicago office, recalled, “We have had delivery destinations where no public transportation options, such as a taxi or bus, existed. We then must get creative to ensure our drivers have a ride following the delivery. I remember delivering to a small town in the Midwest where we had to call the local chamber of commerce to find out that there was a shuttle van that ran once a day to the nearest major city.”

So, if you’re wondering if PARS has been to your town, chances are we have. And, if we haven’t been there, we will. Who knows, maybe our driver will even share stories about your town and what makes it so special!

(Below: photo of obelisk in Bennington, VT)