NAFA Vehicle Transport Session Takeaways

At the recent NAFA I&E Education Session on “Getting the Most Value from Your Vehicle Transport Dollars,” PARS President Lori Rasmussen offer the following transport technology takeaways for attendees:

  • Technology is enabling better information exchange and, therefore, better decision making.
  • Fleet vehicle transporters have continued to expand services and capabilities, evolving into an extension of fleet managers and playing a much larger role in fleet management.
  • Mobilization will continue to grow, increasing business productivity but also introducing new challenges such as privacy and safety concerns.
  • It is critical that companies with fleet relocation needs work closely with transporters (either directly or through FMC) to identify their specific fleet needs and priorities around transportation. Utilize the knowledge and expertise from your transportation partner to help you make informed decisions on how best to assist you and your company’s needs.

Expectations of fleet managers are ever-increasing. Effective decision making requires good information from vehicle transporters – descriptions of the conditions, photos, etc. Technology allows this information to rapidly reach decision makers and other stakeholders. It allows more transparency in the exchange of information and how it’s communicated to each party involved. Technology will also allow us to automate some of the decisions based on the already defined customer parameters in the system. PARS is leading the industry with new technology designed to exceed its customer expectations.  Stay tuned for more news in the weeks ahead!