PARS Explains Driveaway Vs. Transport/Auto Carrier Fleet Vehicle Moves

PARS driver delivery of transported fleet vehicle

PARS driver delivery of transported fleet vehicle

PARS offers two methods of moving vehicles — driveaway and transport/auto carrier, and there are advantages and disadvantages for both.

The primary advantage to driveaway is the ability to have additional services performed on the vehicle while in route. PARS offers detailing, inspections, department of motor vehicle transactions, repair and maintenance.

Our dedicated Customer Support specialists will direct our drivers to perform the services required, based on the customer’s specific parameters. Our professional drivers then have the necessary services performed and keep the pickup and delivery parties informed on the delivery status in real time using our new mobile app. Our customer portal reflects the specific status of each move and keeps our customers informed.

Another major advantage is our ability to control the pickup and delivery times to make sure that we are working to meet the needs of the recipient driver’s schedule. Any delays (weather, road constructions, etc.) are communicated to the customer to make the pickup and delivery as seamless as possible. PARS’ vast network of drivers and field offices ensures that the vehicles are picked up and delivered on time, every time.

The disadvantage of driveaway are the additional miles put on the vehicle. For long distances, it ,may be more cost competitive to transport; however, PARS logistics specialists can proffer an expert recommendations.

The primary advantage of transport is that no miles are put on the vehicle. It can also be less costly, depending on the distance of the move. However, if the vehicle requires any type of additional service, transport is not an alternative. The vehicle will arrive in the same condition as when it was picked up. It is also much more difficult to control the timing of the move when it is transported/trucked. In most instances, the delivery is inexorably tied to the trucker’s and schedule.

Feel free to call PARS fleet vehicle transport experts anytime to plan and implement your next project.

Terry Langness
Vice President, National Sales
Mobile: (612) 670-8256