PARS, Trusted Fleet Vehicle Transport

Since 1998, PARS has become the leader in full-service vehicle relocation, transport and logistics.

Today, customers’ expectations are higher than ever and their needs much more complex. Not surprisingly, their goals support their business’ goals – maximum value from fleet relocation, minimum vehicle downtime, increased productivity and the best possible ROI.

Today, PARS’ programs have grown far beyond the early days of simple point-to-point relocation. Carrier transport, drive-away, licensing and titling, maintenance, vehicle storage, and a full range of fleet services, all managed by transportation and logistics professionals: these are the programs that have made PARS the most trusted name in vehicle transportation and relocation.

To ensure continued leadership in its field, PARS has consistently invested in state-of-the-art technology, hired the best talent, and introduced more sophisticated processes and systems.


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